HOPE Mentoring Enrichment Program

Enroll Into Hope!

Our free enrichment program consists of daily hot meals, free afterschool home help, one-on-one tutoring sessions, college and career readiness, weekly bible study sessions, and developing life skills workshop.

Kids can tour multiple universities throughout Georgia some being, University of West Georgia, Valdosta
State University, Atlanta Area Tech, and more! Students will have the opportunity to explore campus
life, learn about the different majors offered, and go over to finical aid resources that will be available
for them.

We also understand college is not for everyone. Because of that, we expose our kids to multiple trades
skills and will find connections for any area that they may wish to explore. Did you know plumbers make
an average of $50,000 yearly and an electrician makes up to $80,000 yearly. We expose our kids to the
many pathways that are available to them in life and allow them to choose which direction that want to
go in. Giving everyone an opportunity to find something they can succeed in!